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Dear friends,                                                                                                                         (Juli / Aug / Sept 2021)

As you probably know by reading our letters, we are motivated to do o67 1ur work because of our faith in God. We are not misusing this, because we believe that our work needs to reflect what we believe. As other religions and ideologies have been open about their determination, so are we. For all these years it has been a remarkable journey. Even in a time of covid we were able to survive. This is not normal, while others had to close down their businesses. We hope you understand this and rejoice with us. We are not holding back, but it keeps us humble and doing things only in the strength and guidance of our Creator.

Happiest people on earth
67 2Let us be very clear, this is not a religious newsletter. But we need to acknowledge our motivations and strengths. If not, our work will be in vain and we are soon out of business. If we can help others with our charity, training or enterprise we are the happiest people on earth. You will find out if you visit us. Our sound system will welcome you. Not through large loudspeakers, but through the songs of our minority workers. Created high in the mountains, these songs give us a happy environment to work in. Even their friendship with our deaf worker is great and helps him to be a part of the whole group.

Reduced speed
We are waiting to hand out hundreds of cooking stoves. The restrictions67 3 around Covid have limited our travel. It’s up and down, and hard to prepare when one day things are okay and the next day it is forbidden. Just like the beaches this Summer, and for many families with children this is very sad. Students are doing their examinations with the knowledge they have learned on line. This is not always ideal and the interaction with the other students is deeply missed. We are still doing our work, but in a reduced speed. So we are thankful for each day, and we were able to keep all our workers working and that is also a blessing.

67 4Teaching locals and minorities
Some of us, especially our director Nguyen Tan Bich, together with his friend, Mister Phi, are involved in a training program called FBT (Family Business Training). FBT is not officially part of Green Impact but an alternative program that teaches locals and minorities to stand on their feet and run their own family businesses. They are often misused by big companies but they all have the right to prosper. Their lack of knowledge caused them to lose their properties, mineral resources and natural products. Our goal is to teach them righteous principles and to help them stand tall and be creative.

He apologized
Father Viet is responsible for a number of ethnic minorities in Kontum. He heard 67 5about the FBT program and learned that it could help his people to earn a living without being dependent on the outside world. He agreed to invite the FBT team for training. But a week before the training, he canceled the course. It would be too difficult for his people, he said. When we explained again that this course has been run very successfully in other minorities, he finally agreed. After the first seminar, the participants were so enthusiastic that he apologized and now he is going around encouraging others to join other courses.

67 6Almost all women
For the first time, 90 percent of the participants in one of the FBT courses were women. They wanted to learn how to improve their families and communities. Their desire was to make their voices heard, make decisions and create economic opportunities for their families. The FBT course helped them achieve this and inspired them to see changes. The women were encouraged to invite their husbands to the next course so that they could also learn these principles and then work together with them. We all have potential to be explored!

Overcoming shyness and fear
It must be clear that communicating is a weakness of many ethnic minorities. 67 7Shyness and fear make it harder for them to sell their products. Attending the FBT seminar will help them to be more confident about themselves, as well as presenting their ideas with more courage. Producing good quality products is very important, but the marketing procedures must be effective so that customers will buy it. This is an important principle and is taught in great detail. It will help them very much and often they will see a surpassing breakthrough.

67 8Receiving knowledge
Mr.Van is one of the leaders of an ethnic minority group. Last year, his village was struck by a landslide killing at least 8 people. Life in the village became very difficult. Mr.Van received support from generous donors who wanted to restore these families and community. He had the compassion, energy, and resources but not the knowledge to apply it. This year he attended one of the FBT training courses with five other workers. After lots of brainstorming they presented (with tears of happiness) a plan to start up a goat farm. Mr,Van was so excited and thankful to learn something he had never known. What a blessing!

Having an impact
67 9Maybe you have seen the movie: Joseph the Dreamer. Joseph’s life had an impact on people. Sometimes we do not know what happened in our lives, but when we look back we can see its purpose. When Thang was called to 67 10join the navy, we all felt a little bit sad. We were not only losing a good worker, but he also had to leave his family. After three months of serving and training, he made an impressive impact. He helped others unconditionally and showed that he was a good soldier. Instead of being transferred far away, he is now allowed to be trained as officer in Danang and continues his impact in his environment.

New staff
67 11Miss Thuong studied for 4 years at the College of Technology and Industrial Management (CTIM) in Saigon. After graduation she got a job at an English Training center in Hoi An. She loved her job but they forced her to work at inconvenient times. She felt uncomfortable and left. Very soon she found a similar center in Danang, but they forced her again to work at times she had asked them to be off. Finally she was invited to work for Green Impact a few months ago. One of her first jobs was to make a great presentation of our work together with our bookkeeper for an international competition. We are very happy with her impact.

During this Covid time we see a lot of parents helping their children to fly their kites. 67 12It flies because the wind blows the kite up into the air because it is at a slight angle to the wind. Some parents do not watch the wind and run a different direction. After a while they are very frustrated. If we want to keep on going with our programs & work, we need to keep an eye on the wind. This is our challenge for the coming season. Please stand with us, so we will not miss our flying position.

Have a great Summer.


Green Impact team

Called to Serve

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