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Dear friends,                                                                                                                        (Oct / Nov / Dec 2020)

Here is the new edition of our newsletter. We hope that our lines, phrases, and ideas will be understood. Sometimes we use translations from other languages. Lately,64 1 we translated our anniversary video into Korean, with the help of google and a Korean friend: Solar Serve - Green Impact 의 20년을 돌아보다 Although Korean people have shown their appreciation in the past, the video did not become a blockbuster and needs some encouragements. Maybe it has to do with our cultural differences we always have to deal with. So let's learn from each other and we welcome you to our Green Impact world!

Closed for a short time
64 264 3In our last letters, we told you that our center had remained open during Covid-19. It was a real blessing, also for our workers. This changed suddenly when they discovered at the end of July an alarming number of COVID victims in Danang. Immediately Danang was cut off from the outside world. Flights were canceled. Everything was closed down and even our center could not stay open. The people in Danang were advised to stay at home and the streets were empty. Victims were put into quarantine but finally, in the first week of September everything opened up again.

Wiki link
64 5In the past, we have not given much information on our page on Wiki. This was set up by Tom Sponheim of Solar Cookers International, who we met in 2006 during a SCI conference in Spain. You can find us under Green Impact. The content is also published on our own website, but it is also good that SCI gives the possibility to show our work to people who are focused on solar and other green power energy. If you explore the Solar Cooker Wiki you will find addresses and links for many new ideas and inventions. SCI had been a great inspiration to us, especially when we had to start from scratch.

Picking green pears
64 4We have published a videoclip on our YouTube channel of one of our volunteer supporters, who has been picking peers for three weeks. Seeing row after row, it requires a lot of hard work and courage to do this kind of work. For several years now a farmer asked volunteers to pick the green pears and rewards them for supporting a club, children, or a project like what we are doing. The volunteers got to know each other, and learn of the projects they are picking for. Mostly these people have a lot of passion because the benefits are not about thousands of dollars, but enough to feel satisfied in helping people in need.

Working together
64 6One of our volunteers got to know a lady who has been helping disadvantaged people in Vietnam for 15 years. She is the head of a foundation and created 12 sale-points for Vietnamese products in shops all over her country. Our volunteer found similarities with her, so a friendship was established. Lately, this lady heard about our clean cooking stoves and became very interested. She contacted us and asked if we were open to working together with her to help the people. Her representative in Vietnam liked our cooking stove too, so we are in a process of making a plan.

Free energy
64 7Many trees in Danang have been grown outside the city in special gardens. After a few years, they were transplanted along the streets of the city. It takes years for the trees to be deeply rooted in the ground, so they are surrounded by support. Every year they need to be pruned because of the heaviness of their leaves or the destructive storms during the year. It's a great blessing, especially when they dump the leaves in front of our center. We ask our staff to remove the leaves and we use the shortcut branches for our clean stoves. Free and clean energy.

Set up a project
64 8At this moment we still have 2000 cooking stoves in store. They are waiting to be sponsored. Since our last letter no companies, organizations, or individuals have contacted us. We just want you to know that we really want to be an extension for you in order to sponsor many disadvantaged people in Vietnam. We believe in our stoves and it is also good to know that they were tested and approved by SNV (click). It creates such a great feeling of accomplishment after a whole village has been supplied. We will make, pack, transport, and distribute them for you and guarantee the quality of the stove. Please contact us if you are interested!

Ways to help people
64 964 10May the next story inspire you. Last month a young mobile team traveled to a poor area in the northern part of Vietnam, near the border of China. They contacted us and asked if we could supply them with 20 clean cookers, as soon as possible. Our director was very moved by their gesture and doubled the number. Transport was arranged and in a very short time, the team was able to help this minority, still living in houses of mud. For us it was a great example of how we can bring some happiness to an area we are not able to visit. We hope this quick action of young people will inspire you.

FBT seminar for students in Danang
64 11Hanh belongs to an ethnic minority. She wanted to become an entrepreneur in order to help her people. 95 percent of the families in her minority live in poverty. They are mainly engaged in low- productivity agriculture with limited access to markets. Coffee and pepper are the two core products in her village. The coffee farmers want to succeed but they face many difficulties. Her dream is to help her people. She told Bick and Phi it wasn't only her business studies at University that helped her to reach her goal but also the FBT seminar shifted her mindsets and positively impacted the female entrepreneur in her.

Joining students to start again
64 12In 2014 Mr.Nui joined an FBT course, but he could not finish it because he was accepted for a job by a bread company in Dubai. After 4 years of experience and hard work, he returned to Vietnam with the desire to start a bakery in Hoi An. His business thrived, but when the coronavirus crisis hit, all of the tourist companies in Hoi An closed, and immediately he suffered bankruptcy. He did not give up and joined the students in Da Nang for a new FBT course in order to equip himself with more knowledge and skills. He wants to rise up and start a business again.

We want to leave the impact of the coronavirus behind. We are waiting for a new mold, in order to make our own parabolic cooker faster and better. Also, the roads should be more open to transport new material from the north. We are ready for a new start. Again watch the blessings we experienced the last 20 years (click in pictures below), and we hope you get inspired to stand with us for the coming years. We love our work and the God-given opportunities to help those in need.

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