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Dear friends,                                                                                                                         (Oct / Nov / Dec 2021)

67 1First of all we are very happy to send you this letter. The last three months we were very isolated. It was a real test and we will tell you more in this letter. Many friends did not understand the limits we had. If we told them they could not believe it. But we stood the test together with the 1,2 million people in Danang. During this time we were almost hit by a typhoon, but suddenly it moved to the south and it caused only a few days of rain and strong winds. It’s all over now. The coming weeks, months and years are needed to recover from everything that was caused by Covid. It could be people, material and spiritual things. Please stand with us if we fight back!

Caught and fined
68-2In July the rules in Danang started to be changed. We were allowed to swim, bike or run on one day but the other day it was forbidden. It was confusing and finally the government decided to send everyone home on July 22 for a lockdown and curfew. In the beginning we were allowed on certain days to buy our food with a special code, but that changed after a few weeks. We were told to store food and to stay home. People were not allowed to leave their homes only for a health check in their neighborhoods. But if you were caught outside your house, you had to pay a fine of more than 300 USD. When four men walked across the playground in front of our Center, they had to pay 1200 USD together after they were caught.

Family Business Training news
68-3A magazine was sent to us online with a report on how Mr. Bich and Mr.Phi helped many poor people in Vietnam to set up small family businesses through the FBT training. It was in German and we translated it. Here are some lines: Those who have benefited from their FBT training passed it on. Thanks to this word of mouth advertisement, there were always new invitations for training. The help of Mister Bich and Mister Phi is great, but they needed to plan carefully. “It doesn't work if it is just only about the training,” explains Mister Bich. “Many questions arise in day-to-day business. Then people call us, and we give them advice." They assist as often as possible with words and deeds. The two are often on the go, undertaking long and strenuous journeys to remote villages. It is precisely there that they can meet people’s needs

Online consultation
68 468 5There are no online restrictions, so a consultation with around 20 international students was held during the lockdown. Mario Brühlmann, an international business consultant, and other teachers were leading the gathering. It was a success and Mr. Bich was very en-thusiastic about the new knowledge he received and getting more training for the FBT course with better materials and examples. Everything was arranged from Switzerland. One teacher had been cured of cancer and mentioned it very briefly. But when the students asked questions, he felt free to answer them. He said that he was determined not to give up and told his story. His testimony encouraged all students and they were thrilled with his approach.

Time for a royal siesta
68 6Before the lockdown many cardboard boxes were delivered, so the stoves could be packed properly. This was necessary after our place became filled with an increasing number of clean cookers. Due to Covid restrictions we were not allowed to bring these stoves to their designated places in the countryside and mountains. So we had to keep them at our place. We removed our bamboo house, which we used as a display, not only to create more space but also to prevent fire because of its wooden structure with dried leaves on top. The workers called this new created space: hotel Dubai, because it became their royal place during noon for holding their siesta. It reminded us of farmers holding their siesta on their land, which Van Gogh painted well.

68 7Another solution by students
During a contest, a group of young University students in Danang came up with another environmental solution: Vietnam has over 15 million motorbikes, 10 million bicycles, and nearly 500,000 cars. In the future there will be a huge source of waste rubber. Quang Nam province and Da Nang city alone are producing about 228 tons of old car tires every year, not including motorcycle tires or other waste rubber. With the current increase of rubber waste, we need a new treatment. Therefore the students introduced the G-Hug which is a trash can that is recycled from rubber waste to protect the environment. It will replace other trash cans made from perishable plastic. It was great that young students were thinking about solutions (Vietnamese link).

Web competition for promoting young people
68 8Two of our young staff named Mister Thanh (bookkeeper) and Miss Thuong (secretary), entered a Web competition. They finished at the top 40 of more than 1000 companies in Southeast Asia. It was organized by The Asean Foundation under the theme: "Promoting young people in social entrepreneurship to empower the MSME industry during the Covid-19 pandemic". They advanced to the next round where the top 20 companies were selected. They had to promote Green Impact in how they would empower the environment during the Covid-19 crisis. Although they didn't make it to the next round, they learned a lot from their experience, opportunities, mentors, networking and funding

68 9Several facts
Our young staff came up with the following facts: There is a daily exposure to smoke from traditional stoves which has a great impact on the health of women and children. It causes a lot of lung and eye diseases. Up to 4,200 deaths a year are related to kitchen smoke exposure. An estimated 72% of the population lives in rural areas. In mountainous areas, the main fuel for cooking is firewood. In addition, most of them use traditional stoves. To solve this problem, we have researched and designed a 3G Clean Stove that can replace the traditional stove. It will improve efficiency in terms of fuel economy and emissions significantly. And it will produce a positive impact on the environment.

Justice will prevail!
68 1168 10Two years ago we were able to build 30,000 cooking ovens (left) for an aid project in the north. But after that our product was counterfeited (right) and marketed under a different name and with foreign sponsors. In Vietnam copyright rules are not always followed. Bich contacted the sponsors in England, but they were not interested. After that we got in touch with someone who personally became very frustrated with this corruption and wanted to help us. We are very careful not to fall in another trap, so we are not involved in any lawsuit which can lead to a greater mess. We think that justice will prevail after the truth comes to the light! It will not stop us from doing good!

68 12Around the world 2.6 billion people use traditional stoves for cooking every day (according to WHO). Each year, close to 4 million people die prematurely from illness attributable to household air pollution from inefficient cooking practices using polluting stoves paired with solid fuels and kerosene. So, let's encourage people in using a 3G clean cooker to protect their health. We love to serve! This will be possible if we can promote our clean stove better. It will encourage people to buy one or by being supported by others if their income is not sufficient. Please stand with us in the coming months!

Have a great Autumn!


Green Impact team

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