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Saves Energy – Protects Environment – Saves Costs

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This high-efficiency clean cookstove for cooking food is using agricultural waste as fuel, such as corncob, cassava, rice husk, and other biomass. It also burns shavings and all types of wood. Also, it reduces 40% cooking time, 50% fuel costs, 60% of harmful smoke and CO2 emissions & deforestation.

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The 3G clean cooking stoves are made of heat-resistant stainless steel. They are portable and come in three sizes:

This stove has been popular in areas where cooking with open fires is still dangerous and harmful. It uses technology to produce 100% of natural gas with less emission by using agricultural waste and other biomass. Additionally, there is virtually no smoke caused by combustion gas. Although fuel must be supplied during cooking, the stove is quick in cooking. It is lightweight and easy to move and match the cooking habits of the local people.

How it works

How does it work?

The stove has an inner and outer cylinder for primary and secondary air to enter. Fuel (like biomass) is first loaded into the inner cylinder and then lit at the top. For the first few minutes, the fuel is directly burned by using air and producing a little bit of smoke. As more gases are released they need a fresh supply of oxygen. This comes from a secondary air supply from the bottom through the area between the two cylinders to the top. This air provides enough oxygen for the gases to burn. Then flames are formed at the top, smoke will be reduced and the stove is ready for cooking.

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