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2020:   600 3G Cleanstoves for disadvantaged families in Vung Tau and Quang Nam

We were given a new assignment to make 600 3G Clean Cookstoves for disadvantaged families in Vung Tau and Quang Nam during the Covid-19 crisis. The clean cookstoves were sponsored by COM International - Swiss Excellence in Community Development. The first 300 stoves were transported to Vung Tau (939 km by truck) on May 12 - 2020. The next 300 stoves were scheduled to be transported on May 23 to Quang Nam (100km) plus an additional 20 stoves supported by a young entrepreneur from Swiss.


2019:   2500 3G Cookstoves were made at our Center and supported by donors from Holland.

An additional 2500 3G Cookstoves were made at the end of 2019 for disadvantaged families in the Highlands of Vietnam. They were supported by donors from Holland. Everything was coordinated with the local Women’s Union of Kontum.  

2018:   30.000 3G Cookstoves were supported by a company in South Korea.

At the end of 2018, a Korean company was looking for supporting a project in Vietnam in order to receive credits from their government. A CEO of a company in Hanoi worked as a mediator and introduced the company to our 3G Clean Cookstove. They liked it very much and not long after we signed a contract for 30,000 cookstoves. We had to adjust our equipment and capacity, but we were able to accomplish their request. For 9 months we worked hard and finally we were able to make 140 ovens every day by 11 minority workers and 3 Vietnamese. At the end of July 2019, we shipped our last container to the North and finished this project.


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