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In the rural areas of Vietnam, many people depend on coal, straw, leaves or wood for cooking on open fires. When they spend hours in hot and smoky kitchens, it affects their lungs and eyes. Many times women and children in these areas have to walk for hours to find wood for daily cooking (video)

In 1997 we developed an alternative way of cooking with the sun and since that time we have helped hundreds of poor families with different kinds of stoves so that they could improve their health.


On May 22nd 2000 we officially started as Solar Serve Vietnam and signed a contract with the University of Danang (video)

In 2006 we became a social enterprise, so people were able to buy our products too. This was a real challenge because our products depended so much on sunshine which was not always available in certain areas. 

This changed when we introduced a new cooking stove in 2012 that could be used at home.


It produced limited smoke and they could cut fuel cost by using agricultural waste or other biomass. The 3G clean cookstove became popular and since that time we have been helping thousands of families (video)

Besides making our own products, we are also installing solar equipment that is already bought by customers, like solar water heaters and solar panels.

Please we invite you to explore our website for more information.

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